RBS 2021


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The RBS planning committee is stepping out in faith to plan for RBS 2021 in the hope that we will still be able to have the school in spite of the uncertainties arising from the current Covid-19 pandemic. Please note however that there is the possibility that the school may need to be adapted or even cancelled at short notice. This is a journey of faith for us all and we hope you will be willing to join us on that journey.


In early February 2021, we will evaluate the response to the school as well as the current Covid-19 situation in order to decide whether we will go ahead with the school. Even if we decide to go ahead, we will still need to monitor how things develop over the following weeks before the school begins, as we know things can change within a short time.


If we decide to cancel the school before it starts, you will be given a full refund. If the school begins but needs to be cut short for any reason, you will be refunded on a prorated basis.


Certain elements of the school involving contact with others (e.g. mission trips, visitors’ day) may need to be cancelled or modified depending on Covid-19 conditions and the prevailing SOP at the time.


Rest assured that the organisers will do their best to ensure that any risk to students is minimised during the course of the school. Your safety and health are of our utmost concern.


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