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(UPDATED 29 March 2021)

It is with deep disappointment that we inform you that the RBS 2021 Planning Committee made the painful decision today to cancel RBS 2021.


This decision was made based on the fact that no clear specific SOPs have been issued for a religious-affiliated school of this nature, and as such, we fall into a lot of grey areas within whatever SOPs do exist. We have tried over the past couple of weeks to clarify things with the various authorities, but nobody is able to provide any clear answers or guidelines. This would leave us at the risk of being shut down and severely fined should any authorities decide to be black-and-white about the grey areas.


Even if official clearance was given for RBS to operate, the current SOPs for non-religious “training sessions” being run in RMCO areas (which includes Cameron Highlands) would so severely cramp our ability to operate RBS in any meaningful way. We do not foresee those SOPs changing within the next few weeks.


We are deeply grateful to all of you for journeying in faith together with us thus far. We submitted our plans to the Lord from the very start and have sought him each step of the way, and his direction and will appear to be that the school not proceed this year. As such, we submit to his “good, pleasing and perfect will” (Rom 12:2), trusting him for his best nonetheless in the lives of all of you who registered for RBS 2021.


We know you will be as disappointed as we are. Nevertheless, we hope that you may perhaps be able to join us at RBS in the coming years – perhaps after STPM, for those of you taking Form 6; or, for those of you entering college, during one of your college/uni breaks if the dates align.


In the meantime, we encourage you to use whatever free time you may enjoy over these months to root and grow yourself in God’s Word.



RBS 2021 Planning Committee